Clause 1

The society shall be called the Human Genetics Society
Abbreviated as HGS


Clause 1

The objectives of the society are

  1. To foster fellowship among Alumni of the Human Genetics Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.
  2. To hold an Annual Conference to promote Genetics and Genomics.
  3. To hold training and awareness programmes to promote Genetics and Genomics literacy among all categories of healthcare staff and trainees.
  4. To promote collaborative research networks in Genetics and Genomics both locally and internationally.
  5. To disseminate health-related Genetics and Genomics information to the public through the mass media and social media platforms.
  6. To contribute to policy formation in Genetics and Genomics in the country.
  7. To promote the welfare of patients with genetic disorders.


The society shall comprise of following types of members

  1. Ordinary Member
  2. Associate Member
  3. Honorary Member

Clause 1

a) Any person who has been a postgraduate student or a staff member of the Human Genetics Unit is eligible to obtain ordinary membership of the Society.

b) Any person who has completed an internship at the Human Genetics Unit or is an undergraduate/postgraduate student of a human genetics related degree is eligible to obtain associate membership of the Society. Associate members are not eligible to vote at a General Meeting and shall not hold office in the Society.

c) A person who has contributed to the development of human genetics in Sri Lanka will be eligible to be elected as an honorary member on the discretion of the Council. Honorary members are not eligible to vote at a General Meeting and shall not hold office in the Society.

d) The decision of the Council on granting membership to new members shall be final.

e) All members except honorary members shall pay an annual membership fee set from time to time by the Council.

f) All ordinary members of the Society shall have the right to speak and vote at meetings.

g) All ordinary members of the Society shall have the right to be elected as an office bearer.

h) Office bearers shall be elected by ordinary members of the Society from among its ordinary members at the Annual General meeting. If there are more than one nomination for a particular post an election shall be conducted by a show of hands.


Clause 1

a) The society shall comprise of a Council made up of the following office bearers:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Chief Organizer
  • 8 Committee Members

b) The office bearers shall hold office for one year and shall be eligible for re-election.

Clause 2

a) If an office bearer wishes to resign, he/she must inform the President or the Secretary in writing at least one month before.

b) If any office bearer resigns action shall be taken to fill the vacancy at a General meeting.


Clause 1

a) The office bearers mentioned in Section 4 above shall be referred to as the Executive Committee.

b) The Executive Committee must hold at least one meeting every quarter.

c) Such meetings must be announced through an open notice.

d) In the absence of the President, any office bearer except the Secretary of the society can be invited to preside over a meeting.

e) The quorum at any meeting shall be 4.

f) It is the duty of the Secretary to prepare the agenda and summon such meetings.

g) The minutes of every meeting must be recorded in a minute book.

h) It is the duty of the Secretary to maintain minutes.


Clause 1

a) The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society.

b) The President shall carry out all the decisions made at meetings of the Society.


Clause 1

a) The Secretary will be responsible for all documents belonging to the Society.

b) It is the duty of the secretary to summon General Meetings of the Society, summon Executive Committee meetings, keep records and minutes, prepare agendas, and issue all notices.

Section 8: TREASURER

Clause 1

a) The Treasurer shall maintain all accounts of the Society. Should submit an annual report at the General Meeting.

Section 9: PATRONS

a) The membership shall elect one or more persons of eminence in the field of Genetics and Genomics as patrons of the Society.

Section 10: FINANCES

Clause 1

a) All finances belonging to the society must be deposited in an account opened in a Bank under the name of the Society.

b) The cheque book of the Society shall at all times be kept at the custody of the Treasurer.

c) Cheques of the Society should be signed by two of either the President, Secretary or Treasurer.

Section 11: MEETINGS

Clause 1 – General Meetings

a) General meetings can be called by the Executive Committee.

b) 7 days of notice must be given for any General Meeting.

c) The quorum for any general meeting shall be 10 members.


Clause 1

a) Any full member may propose amendments to the constitution this must be done in writing to the Secretary.

b) The Secretary must present such proposals to the Executive Committee of the Society during the next official meeting and it should be taken into discussion.

c) If approved by the Executive Committee, the amendment must gain the approval of a 2/3rds majority of votes in a General Meeting.

d) Once so adopted the amendment shall become legal.